Go See: Ekundayo @ Thinkspace Gallery

 Joy Today, Jeopardy Tomorrow

The Art of Ekundayo

Detail of 'Never Miss It Till It's Gone'

Ekundayo’s first solo exhibit in three years, Joy Today, Jeopardy Tomorrow, is being praised his best yet–my sentiments exactly. With each work illustrating the sacrifices often required in the pursuit of fulfillment, Ekundayo simultaneously questions the actions needed to attain it.  There’s a diverse vibe to the collection- some pieces are awe-inspiring, others frantic.  Maybe the sense of instability evoked is the result Ekundayo exploring his not so stable childhood.  By the age of 13, he’d already survived a dysfunctional household, life on the run, troubles at school, the loss of one parent and the reunion with another.  Examining his own personal highs and lows through the artwork, Ekundayo forces us to choose at the crossroads: change in a constructive way or become weighed downed by our inability to change.
Joy Today, Jeopardy Tomorrow
runs until July 2nd.  To learn more about Ekundayo and his art visit http://www.ekundayo.com.  To learn more about Thinkspace visit http://www.thinkspacegallery.com.


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