Go See: Fiddle Tim @ La Luz de Jesus

The Art of Frances Bean Cobain (aka Fiddle Tim) 

Frances Bean Cobain (aka Fiddle Tim)

I LOVE La Luz de Jesus and often describe it as “A head shop for art”.  The unfortunate thing is that it’s a little bit of a trek to get there without a car for a Friday night opening.  So, when I found out that artist Fiddle Tim was actually the daughter of two of my grunge heroes, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, I kicked myself a million times over for missing it.  

Fiddle Tim’s debut exhibition entitled Scumfuck is a notebook show and centers around a portrait of G.G. Allin who was a punk singer and heroin addict.  Bloody and brooding, this punk rocker is depicted in a moment of calm before creating additional destruction and mayhem.  His tattoos, Life Sucks and Scumfuck, are rendered with more clarity than they ever were in real life.  The other works in the collection have a recurring obese character as well as a demon who threatens to eat the sun unless the viewer does what is demanded of them.  Fiddle Tim is a raw talent and I am so looking forward to her progression!  If you’re a fan of rebellious art, a Cobain fan, (or both) definitely check out this show.  But don’t go thinking you’ll be able to acquire any original works. It’s sold out. 

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