A Pie for a Pie

The Art of Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger 

CJ Metzger & Miss Mindy

 The Artist Sisters are back and ready for their attack with sugary, yummy delicious, cream-filled pies!  For their first exhibition together in almost 3 years, Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger are taking over WWA gallery this September with a menagerie of visual delights including a silent black & white film entitled “A Pie for a Pie”.  The gritty Pie-Fight film will feature not only the artists, but some familiar special guests ‘getting it in the kisser’. (psst..I’ve heard Brandi Milne got pied!) 

Here’s the premise for the gritty black & white film: 

A small peaceful, miniature white cardboard / icing town…
Enter: Miss Mindy in ruffle panties ( Natalie wood era) comes into town- messes with pie shop, she pies the tiny people– & they get mad.
The villagers try to pie the giant woman , but the pies don’t even phase her! ( close ups on mad villagers & tiny pies on her legs and face!!)
Oh no! The big sister is coming– a giganto pie fight between Sis’s erupts– town gets destroyed.
Hurray! Villagers are happy.
End clip : Mindy’s face like man in the moon —  my pie face gets thrown in the trash and  the dogs lap it up.

the end. 

Check out the ‘behind the scenes’ photos of the film below. 

The Artist Sisters show Pie in the Sky opens Friday, September 10th at WWA gallery.  Come on over and join the fun! And when you do, keep a close eye on Miss Mindy or you just might get Pied

For more info about Miss Mindy, visit missmindy.com.  For more info about CJ Metzger, visit cjmetzger.com.  

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