Happy Pink Explosion

Buff Monster Painting Acquired by Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery

Happy Pink Explosion

Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery announced they’re purchasing Buff Monster’s painting Happy Pink Explosion into their permanent collection which includes infamous UK street artist Banksy.

Happy Pink Explosion was part of a group exhibition curated by Corey Helford Gallery entitled Art From the New World and featured almost 50 works from both established and emerging US urban artists, ranging from figurative painting to street art.  Some artists whose work appeared in the show are: Gary Baseman, Ron English, Sylvia Ji, Natalia Fabia and Buff Monster. In addition to his artwork, Buff created a fifteen-foot tall “ice cream cone” balloon sculpture as well as a “live painting” of murals on select museum walls during the days immediately leading up to the exhibition.

Big Congrats to Buff Monster and be sure to check out his upcoming show Beyond the Pink at Corey Helford Gallery.  For more info, visit coreyhelfordgallery.com.

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