Beyond the Pink

The Art of Buff Monster

Buff Monster

Inspired by a recent trip to Europe, Buff Monster’s latest collection of paintings adopt a more experimental approach, fusing his iconic graphics with new landscapes and introducing portraits for the first time.  Though Beyond the Pink shows Buff’s willingness to broaden his signature style, he assured me he continues to be influenced by heavy metal, ice cream, the color pink and Japanese culture.  Those loves will never fade.

Buff’s new works were well received by collectors and gallery attendees as proven by the many red dots.  My personal favorites being the multi-hued landscapes with sun-kissed mountains juxtaposing the real and surreal as with Happy Solitude, Skull Mountains and Mountain Retreat.

If you weren’t able to attend the opening, enjoy the photos below but be sure to visit Corey Helford Gallery to view the works in person.  Beyond the Pink runs until September 22nd.

Buff Monster enjoying his Ice Cream


Happy Solitude


Arc de Goo


Skull Mountains


Buff Monster, Stephanie Escobar and Dan Levy


Mountain Retreat


The Legacy


Everyone waiting to talk to the man of the hour


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