David Chung: “Finger-Crab Helps Gillman Try On Mustaches For His Big Date”

Finger-Crab Helps Gillman Try On Mustaches For His Big Date

David Chung (aka The Chung!!!)  has a new print available on 1xRunFinger-Crab Helps Gillman Try on Mustaches For His Big Date was originally created for the group theme show HORRORWOOD and is now available as a one time run limited edition print.
One of the things I love about David Chung’s art is the humor he infuses into his work illustrating the awkwardness and humiliations we all experience through life’s journey.  David’s latest vibrantly colored creation translates this perfectly.


To purchase, visit 1xRun.com.  Hurry, because this print is only available through Dec. 5th.   For more info about David Chung and his artwork, visit TheChung.com.

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