‘Crooked Comfort’ @ C.A.V.E. Gallery

Last night, C.A.V.E. presented Crooked Comfort featuring English artist, CRAWW, and showcasing new works by Andy Haynes, Emma Overman, Jasmine Worth, Jennifer Springman, Marie Barr, Michael Page, Mike Maxwell, Paul Chatem, Roland Tamayo and Tatiana Suarez. 

CRAWW’s new series of works is a story without an end – a stream of consciousness  rendering dreamlike portraits of brooding, melancholy girls.  The group exhibit continued upon the theme presenting evening highlights from Marie Barr’s expressions of self epiphany and Paul Chatem’s interactive folk inspired pieces. 

If you weren’t able to attend the opening, enjoy the pics below.  Crooked Comfort runs until January 7, 2011 so be sure to check out the works in person if you’re in the neighborhood.


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