There It Is @ Thinkspace featuring Brett Amory, Adam Caldwell and Seth Armstrong

Thinkspace kicked off 2011 in style on January 8th with an exhibition of new works by Oakland artists Brett Amory, Seth Armstrong and Adam Caldwell.    There It Is presents an exploration of the urban aesthetic from three unique points of view from Amory’s observational oil paintings to the history drenched collage style of Caldwell’s works to Armstrong’s surreal outlook on the world around us.

Also showing concurrently in the project room is Happy Valley, an exhibition of new works from Ireland based artist Paul Barnes in his first major solo exhibition in the States following numerous group show appearances with Thinkspace over the past  few years.

Enjoy the photos from opening night below, but be sure to check out the works in person if you’re in the neighborhood. There It Is sets an outstanding precedence for Thinkspace’s 2011 program that can only be described as showstopping. Exhibit runs until January 29th.


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