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Opposites Attract

The Art of Chloe Early    Chloe Early’s paintings are the stuff dreams are made of.  Fascinated by opposites, Chloe blends graceful figures with industrial elements against unfixed, seemingly boundless backgrounds, creating an utopian universe where the strange and wonderful collide. The little figures that inhabit … Continue reading

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Beyond the Pink

The Art of Buff Monster Inspired by a recent trip to Europe, Buff Monster’s latest collection of paintings adopt a more experimental approach, fusing his iconic graphics with new landscapes and introducing portraits for the first time.  Though Beyond the Pink shows … Continue reading

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Happy Pink Explosion

Buff Monster Painting Acquired by Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery announced they’re purchasing Buff Monster’s painting Happy Pink Explosion into their permanent collection which includes infamous UK street artist Banksy. Happy Pink Explosion … Continue reading

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Kawaii Baby!!!

The Art of Natalia Fabia Natalia Fabia first heard the term “Kawaii” when walking the streets of Tokyo. A young girl passing by pointed to the heart candy tattoos on Natalia’s arm and exclaimed, “Kawaii, Kawaii!!” The term, meaning supreme cuteness, immediately inspired a new body of work entitled Fashionable Aftertaste Without End.  … Continue reading

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Go See: Natalie Shau @ Corey Helford Gallery

The Gothic Beauty of Natalie Shau  Natalie Shau is an artist from Lithuania who works mainly in digital media.  She’s also the guest artist in the loft at Corey Helford with new works on display that offer viewers stunning and powerful allegories.  … Continue reading

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My Heart Shall Not Fear

The Art of Brandi Milne  Over the past month, every art magazine and online publication has been talking about Brandi Milne in anticipation of her latest work entitled My Heart Shall Not Fear.  And why wouldn’t they?  This Southern California artist has it all: she’s delightfully charming, has … Continue reading

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