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Laurie Lipton @ La Luz de Jesus

The Art of Laurie Lipton  “This show was inspired by the Steampunk movement that is sweeping Britain. Instead of steam, however, my devices are mostly run by electricity and madness. I was vacuuming one day and noticed the amount of … Continue reading

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Lowbrow Tarot Project @ La Luz de Jesus

  In Tarot, there are 22 cards in the Major Arcana suit (or trump cards) with each representing three themes of the human experience: the realm of the material world, the realm of the intuitive mind, and the realm of … Continue reading

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Nathan Ota @ La Luz de Jesus

 An Unforeseen Homecoming by Nathan Ota Nathan Ota’s first solo exhibition at La Luz de Jesus takes the artist on a personal journey of exploration- the world inside Nathan’s own studio. The questions that greet him, and the answers that he … Continue reading

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Go See: Fiddle Tim @ La Luz de Jesus

The Art of Frances Bean Cobain (aka Fiddle Tim)  I LOVE La Luz de Jesus and often describe it as “A head shop for art”.  The unfortunate thing is that it’s a little bit of a trek to get there without a … Continue reading

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Go See: Natalie Shau @ Corey Helford Gallery

The Gothic Beauty of Natalie Shau  Natalie Shau is an artist from Lithuania who works mainly in digital media.  She’s also the guest artist in the loft at Corey Helford with new works on display that offer viewers stunning and powerful allegories.  … Continue reading

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Go See: Yoskay Yamamoto @ LeBasse Projects

Familiar Strangers  The Art of Yoskay Yamamoto  Familiar Strangers marks Yoskay’s third exhibition at LeBasse Projects and represents a breakthrough in work as he experiments with mixed media paintings and sculpture in several mediums.  Being a lover of both, I decided to take … Continue reading

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Go See: Ekundayo @ Thinkspace Gallery

 Joy Today, Jeopardy Tomorrow The Art of Ekundayo Ekundayo’s first solo exhibit in three years, Joy Today, Jeopardy Tomorrow, is being praised his best yet–my sentiments exactly. With each work illustrating the sacrifices often required in the pursuit of fulfillment, Ekundayo simultaneously questions the actions needed to attain it.  … Continue reading

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